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About Us


The UST Publishing House is an integral part of the University of Santo Tomas, and committed to furthering the university’s objectives as a globally recognized Catholic institution of higher learning. The USTPH envisions itself as a modern, professional academic publishing house, and the publisher of choice of the country’s top scholars and creative writers.


The UST Publishing House’s specific role is the generation and dissemination of knowledge through the publication of outstanding works of scholarly and artistic / literary value.


  1. To contribute to the development of the country’s publishing industry, particularly in the area of academic publishing, as a way of contributing to national development
  2. To contribute to raising the standard of academic publishing in the region.

THE UST PUBLISHING HOUSE is the publishing house for the University of Santo Tomas, tracing its origins to the UST Press, which was founded in 1593, and therefore antedates the University itself. 

All manuscripts submitted to the publishing house go through a strict review/referee process before being accepted. An average of 24 titles are published each year.

The UST Publishing House is a member in good standing of the Philippine Association of Scholarly and Academic Publishers, Inc., the Book Development Association of the Philippines, and the Philippine Filipinas Copyright Licensing Society, Inc.

It maintains its own bookstore inside the campus, distributes its titles through the major bookstores, and participates in all major book fairs in the country.

At present it is undergoing a restructuring aimed at further modernizing and professionalizing its operations, with a view to playing a leading role in raising the standard of publishing in the country and in the region.