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The UST Publishing House recently announced the release of new essay collections by journalists/columnists “Show Biz, Seriously” by Emmie Velarde, “Catholic and Emancipated” by Elizabeth Lolarga and And “FortYfied” by Cecile Lilles.

The books are part of the UST Publishing House’s Personal Chronicles Series, and will be among the 400 titles to be presented to the public at the closing of the University’s Quadri-centennial celebrations in January 2012.

Velarde is the “Philippine Daily Inquirer’s” Entertainment Editor, and these essaus are lively examples of the type of writing she excels in: narratives which are also critiques. Even as many of them focus on celebrities and icons of Philippine pop culture, the collection also includes personal essays which reveal the author’s personal struggles, agonies and triumphs.

Lolarga is a poet and a veteran journalist, who has worked for several newspapers and magazines, and today is a free-lance writer, editor, and artist. Her partner is journalist Rolando B. Fernandez. Of these essays, colleague Gou de Jesus says that they are “unfailingly funny even at their most serene or impassioned.” And poet Marjorie Evasco pays tribute to her “prose (which) explores the terrain we also claim as our heart’s own, and clarifies the difficult issues of freedom in the light of her own artist’s eyes.”

Lilles’ essays are a selection from her popular column in the “Philippine Star” which focus on the author’s humorous observations and reflections on the male psyche. Her essays reflect her belief that men are as interesting and riveting as women are to men. Lilles describes herself as a “mother, homemaker, and writer,” who “lives in Manila where she cooks, runs, and negotiates the boundaries of gender differences almost on a daily basis.”

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