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Chinese Merchants of Binondo in the Nineteenth Century by Richard T. Chu


Richard Chu, with this book, brings back his readers to the turn of the nineteenth century to the twentieth by featuring two individual biographies and family histories of Chinese merchants in Manila. Basing from the records in various archives, Chu traces the strategies employed by the Sangleys to adapt to and take advantage of the [...]

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At Sa Tahanan Ng Alabok by Louie Jon A. Sanchez

alabok cover layout

Louie Jon Sanchez, proclaimed by the Komisyon ng Wikang Filipino as “Makata ng Taon” (2009), writes his first book of poetry At sa Tahanan ng Alabok as an exhibition of the depths of common experiences and of various manifestations of faith.

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Alinsunurang Awit by Mesandel Virtusio Arguelles

Alinsunurang Awit Final Cover

Sa ikaanim na aklat sa panulat ng premyadong makatang si Mesándel Virtusio Arguelles muling pinag-aanib ang kariktan ng imahinasyon at pagdanas na ipinaloob naman sa 40 awit na inuukol sa pandama. Mababakas sa mga tula ang iba’t-ibang landas ng mga tauhan sa kaisipan ng makata, ngunit iba’t-iba man, isa lamang nais patutunguhan—sa pag-ibig. Mesándel Virtusio [...]

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Selected Poems by Rita B. Gaddi by Rita B. Gaddi

selected poems_rita gaddi

Selected Poems by Rita Gadi travels through the many seasons in the poet’s life. It is the journal of an ancient love and a homecoming. It is also the movement of past lives that keep coming back to re-visit, sometimes mute, as in a charade, and in their silence become even more powerful.

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The House of True Desire by Cirilo F. Bautista

true desire

The House of True Desire collects Cirilo Bautista’s column “Breaking Signs.” Comprised of 115 essays written over 17 years, it exposes the way life and literature interlink and reveals how literature, even in a nation not known for literary patronage, becomes significant and reflective of society.

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